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We thank you for trusting ArtPaintColor, welcome to our community! To allow you to best use our services please take the time to read these general conditions of use (hereinafter"General Conditions of Use").

For any information relating to the Site and its operation, you can send your request to the following address:


1- PURPOSE OF THE General Conditions of Use

The General Conditions of Use are intended to define the rules of use of the Site by the User, as well as the obligations of ArtPaintColor.

The User agrees, each time he/she visits to the Site, to respect the present General Conditions of Use applicable to all services and the contents available on the Site.

As a result, the User accepts, without any reservation, these General Conditions of Use in their entirety before any use of this Site and its services.

The simple use of the Site automatically entails the Seller’s acceptance of the General Conditions of Use.


2- OPPOSABILITY OF THE General Conditions of Use

ArtPaintColor reserves the right to modify, at any time, the General Conditions of Use in order to factor in any legal, jurisprudential, editorial, functional and/or technical evolution required.

The version of the General Conditions of Use that shall prevail is the one that is accessible and downloadable online via the Site on the day the Site is being used by the User and available at the address [... ].

Any use of the Site by the User after posting the modified General Conditions of Use constitutes acceptance of the said General Conditions of Use by the latter.


The Site offers Users a service allowing them to consult the catalogue of the various artworks offered for sale by the artists registered through the Site, as well as make offers to purchase artworks that are for sale.

The sales are made in application of the General Conditions of Sale available at the following address[...] [ ] the User must refer to before any purchase.


The use of the Site and its services implies acceptance of these General Conditions of Use, without however having to create a User account.

The Site allows the User free access to the services.

The Site is accessible free of charge by any User with an Internet connection.

Expenses (Internet, hardware...) incurred by the User to access the Site remain his/her responsibility.


ArtPaintColor is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights on both the development of the Site and its content, unless expressly mentioned otherwise.

The Site, brands, drawings and models, images, texts, photos, logos, graphic charters, software and programmes, search engines, databases, sounds, videos, domain names, design and any other content available on the Site, although this list is not exhaustive, are the exclusive property of ArtPaintColor and are protected by the provisions of the copyright law, trademark laws, patent law and any other right of intellectual or industrial property in force.

The User must seek the prior approval of ArtPaintColor for any reproduction, publication, copy of the various contents from the Site.

Any full or partial reproduction, by any process whatsoever, of the content of the Site without the prior authorisation from ArtPaintColor, would constitute an infringement

under article L.335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.



The personal data of the User are collected and kept by ArtPaintColor to allow the implementation of these provisions.

ArtPaintColor reserves the right to retain certain data in order to justify, when necessary, the perfect execution of their contractual or legal obligations. The stored data will be limited to what is strictly necessary for the operation of the service. ArtPaintColor is committed to take all necessary measures to best protect the confidentiality of the information provided by the User.



By accepting these General Conditions of Use, the User acknowledges that, when navigating the Site, a Cookie may be installed automatically on its browser.

The User accepts the use of Cookies when navigating the Site, failing which some

features of the site may be denied to him.

These Cookies are designed to allow a faster and more effective user navigation for the User during his/her various connections on the Site.

The User may, if he so wishes, disable Cookies through the settings of the browser used to be able access the Site.


These General Conditions of Use enter into force from the time the User accesses the Site and without the need for him to create a user account or to log into the site.

They apply as long as the User utilises the services of ArtPaintColor.

9- ArtPaintColor’s LIABILITY

In its relationship with the User, ArtPaintColor shall not be held responsible for:

l the interruption of operation of the site or inability to access it, or adverse conditions of usage of the Site; 

l any loss of data, time, opportunity and/or any other indirect damage related to the use of the Site.


These General Conditions of Use constitute the entire terms and conditions agreed between ArtPaintColor and the User and replace any earlier agreement, written or oral, relating to the purpose of theGeneral Conditions of Use.

All additional terms and conditions or dispute pertaining to the purpose of the General Conditions of Use and contained in any written or oral communication addressed to ArtPaintColor will be void and unenforceable.


If, for any reason and to any extent whatsoever a provision of these terms should be deemed as void or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these General Conditions of Use and the relevant stipulation shall be applied to the extent permitted by law.


The User has a right of recourse with a Consumer Ombudsman for the amicable resolution of any dispute on the execution of these General Conditions of Use, as provided following of the Consumer Code.


This applies to substantive and procedural principles and notwithstanding the places of performance of the obligations under these General Conditions of Use.


In case of a dispute and if no amicable solution is found, express jurisdiction shall be attributed to the Court, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or right of

appeal, even for emergency or protective procedures, summary procedures or by request.